The programme for The Energy Digitalisation Summit has been created in close collaboration with leading global organisations to deliver a thorough overview of digital trends in the energy industry in the Middle East.

This will cover:

  • Driving the digital economy through energy
  • Big data and analytics – enhancing productivity and optimisation across the value chain
  • Women leaders in tech and energy
  • Tech in energy investment landscape
  • Big data in the oil patch panel session
  • Blazing the digital energy trail
  • Digitalisation of infrastructure and manufacturing – optimising energy management

Leading speakers and panellists from all across the industry will drill down on discussions that include:

  • Integrating machines and intelligent data analysis to enhance operational efficiency
  • Predictive maintenance analytics – transforming service reliability and ROI
  • Big Data – enhancing the flow of the supply chain
  • Utilities – transforming while still performing through IoT
  • Data privacy and security
  • Remote monitoring systems in power and utility distribution
  • Balancing demand and supply in power and fuel through optimisation of technology
  • Smart Cities and smart infrastructure adopting advanced technologies – the impact across the energy value chain
  • Smart Power Grid – increasing response and supply
  • The tech and energy investment landscape

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