Throughout The Energy Digitalisation Summit,  an emphasis is placed on interaction between all participants of the event, including a series  of social events to ensure the best possible access to everyone who matters to your business.  

In  addition, all participants can  take  advantage of our exclusive  Business Matching  service helping you to  pre-arrange meetings with other attendees to meet through an easy-to-use technology platform, combined with a personalised service to help maximise your networking opportunities. 

This added value platform allows you to: 

> Find potential clients to buy your services and products 

> Locate investment opportunities in your fields of interest 

> Forge lucrative partnerships and collaborations for business 

> Broaden your personal network to advance your career 

> Pre-schedule meetings with other attendees to meet during the event 

How will this platform benefit me? 

> Rank delegates, speakers and sponsors in accordance to their relevance to you 

> You will have your own Concierge who will provide quick and timely assistance 

> The platform is accessed with a click from your email (no downloads needed)

How does this platform work? 

> Register for EDS ME by clicking here

> Receive an invitation email with a personalised link before the event 

> Review profiles and schedule meetings with delegates, speakers and sponsors who interest you 

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Note: We respect your privacy. All of your personal contact information will be kept confidential and never shared via the meetings platform.